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Grrrlz Rock @ Girls Rule (by Ophelia’s Place)

Yesterday was my first contribution as a volunteer to Grrrrlz Rock.

Ophelia’s Place hosted an umbrella event called Girls Rule.  Our idea (actually Matrisha’s idea) was to conduct a pair of “Sample Rock Camps.”  Two distinct sessions of 50 minutes apiece, wherein we would school a group of young ladies, in about 10 minutes, on drums, bass, guitar, ukelele, keyboards, and vocals.  Then we would all get together and jam on The White Stripes’ “We Are Going to be Friends.”

Naturally, we had mild doubts that we could pull it off in such a short time.  But the kids hit it out the park.  In fact, they did so well, that we had them all switch instruments and nail the song a second time — in both sessions!

It’s inspiring and moving when things like this happen.  I’d like to attribute the success to Matrisha’s ingenious unbridled enthusiasm and her impeccable preparation, not to mention the focused talents of my fellow instructors (and myself!  …I got to work with Sean Brennan & Barbara Healy for the first time)…  But really, it’s the kids.  I always say: It’s not that difficult to teach kids something when they actually want to be there learning it.

Now I’m REALLY looking forward to this year’s Rock Camps.

Music’s Edge Rock Camp @ WOW

In mid-lockout session with Ebbage. He’s really cracking the whip. (Lead vocals completed for 4 songs in one day.) The early results suggest the best stuff I’ve ever done. Going into the second day with high hopes–gotta concentrate and be careful to keep the eye on the ball (As Ebbage says.)

But now I’m taking some time with my morning coffee at Muse in Seattle to think and talk about the second 2010 installment Music’s Edge Camp, at which I’ll be teaching all next week. (Monday the 7th through Friday the 13th.) This is the 3rd year for me. And each time it is an exhausting, rewarding and uplifting experience that I look forward to all year.

It’s directed by Tim McLaughlin. (One of my bandmates in The Blue Rebekahs.) It’s happening at WOW Hall. There’s still time to register, if you’re a kid in the Eugene, OR area between the ages of 10 & 17.

The other instructors are Zak Johnson and Ehren Ebbage.

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