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Shipe #1 ahead of Radiohead!?

I have Lord Litter to thank for spreading my music around Germany. The result: “Love Belongs to Everyone” hit #1 on Radio Marabu Hot Rotation, in the company of Radiohead and R.E.M. (I’m stoked, because I am fans of both, leaning in either direction–folkrock & artrock. It is to the credit of my producer and friend Ehren Ebbage that this song is suitable for such company.

Shipe in hot rotation

Thanks to a warm referral from Lord Litter (Germany), “Love Belongs to Everyone” is still no. 2 of Radio Marabu’s hot rotation. (In addition to Lord Litter, I should thank Rachel Harrington of Emerging Artist Resources for introducing me to Europe’s supporters of Americana Music. She helped me send Yellow House across the pond, and luckily they remembered me when I sent Villain)

European Radio is generous to Shipe

I’ve gotten some kind e-mails about Villain from DJ’s in Europe. A sampling:

“Excellent… a total winner. This is unique. Viva La Shipe!” –Lord Litter (Radio Marabu, Gemany)

“I have found my favorite Americana CD. The songs are great, with superb lyrics and melody. You don’t normally get all 3 with most.” —Lee Williams (CMR Nashville)

“… all these good songs on all these catching melodies….the Frenchie is knocked down… …high sense of quality , of integrity… It is beyond words.” –Mike Penard (ISA Radio France)