In the new age of DIY music careers, two old adages still apply: “You get what you pay for.” And “It takes money to make money.” With my 2011 release of Villain comes a robust international radio & press campaign. I’m getting what I pay for in Green Light Go and Notorious Radio.

Making the record was the easy part. Bringing it to the world with great fanfare is an expense I can use some help with.

We independents aren’t so independent after all. We depend on the kindness of strangers, as well as our closest longtime supporters.

If you’d like to make a donation to help me foot the media bill, my gratitude is bottomless. But I wouldn’t ask without offering something in return:

*Any donation over $10 earns a CDR of solo recordings of unreleased material–finished by May. Think of this as an inside look. Your feedback will be welcome. (Should these songs appear on the next album? Are they D.O.A.? Advice on arrangements? Lyrics? I’m all ears!

**Donations over $20 earn a Villain T-Shirt (size please). Plus the CDR. ($50 earns Two T-Shirts)

***Donations over $100 earn the entire Shipe catalog. (Plus the CDR.)

Be sure to accompany your donation with your mailing address, in an e-mail to

***And one last crazy idea: Any donation over $500 earns the CDR, the T-Shirt, the entire Shipe catalogue, and I will write a song using your lyrics… and release it digitally! Copyrighted with your credit, registered with BMI. (Who knows? It could be an investment.)