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Check out the critically acclaimed Villain.

John Shipe: Villain

“Hands down among the best of 2011” — Northwest Indie Music News

Or the quirkier, more domestic, but equally acclaimed Yellow House.

John Shipe: Yellow House

A multitude of delights to be found here.” —Americana UK

If you want something more electrified and “indie…”

John Shipe & the Blue Rebekahs: John Shipe & the Blue Rebekahs--redux (With Bonus Dvd)

An acquired taste because it’s on the “challenging, artier, darker side.” — Band-Member-Making-Excuses-for-Poor-Sales (However, this is Shipe’s favorite, and worth the number of listens it takes to “get it.”)

And way back into the vault, Shipe cutting his songwriting teeth on folk and country, including the smash hit “Pit Bull Blues”:

John Shipe: The John Shipe Song Clearance

“I love the Song Clearance!” –Dori Donoho, KLRR fm, Bend Oregon