Well, the Rapture came and went without much fanfare. I expected trumpets in the sky and four fierce horseman galloping over the heads of us cowering minions. But it seems to have been a quieter event than foretold.

My theory is that the Rapture actually did happen. But so few of us were heavenly qualified to get called up — only a handful of ascetic hermit-types who live off-the-grid. None of us noticed when they were suddenly gone. No pilots vanished into thin air, their planes full of hapless non-believing passengers plummeting to the earth.

I hate to wax glib and snarkey about anything that has to do with religion. So I’ll stop there. Aside from the embarrassment some folks are feeling this week, a few of them are now without jobs, savings accounts, and the belongings they donated to their local church. Rapture-believing students are about to “Incompletes” or “F’s” in their final semester of the school year. These are real people, who are now obligated to accept that they are just like the rest of us, stuck here slogging away to face life’s vicissitudes — both material psychological. I feel bad for ’em, and a little pissed off on their behalf at the charlatan who mislead them. (Lord knows, they’re unlikely to muster up their own righteous wrath against him. Back in my Christian days, we called them “false prophets.” And back in the bible days, men like that were killed in nasty ways.)

Me, I’ve got enough in my life to keep me humble. A failed Rapture appearance is merely another bump in a long a rough road, like fizzled record deal, a poorly attended show, a video that gets only 43 views, or an argument with my wife that I lost.

That’s life isn’t it? Why not keep it simple? (Like those hermit ascetics I’m talking about?)

Quite a day in my country

May 1st, 2012 is a day I won’t forget. Osama Bin Laden is caught and killed. I am thinking about all of the people who lost loved ones in the World Trade Center on 9/11/01. (A musical colleague of mine lost friends on that dreadful day.)

Obama in his speech, said the very things I wanted to hear.

Patriotism is swelling in me tonight.