Shipe CD Release! AOL Spinner listening party & Viper Room Lounge!

Villiain is released February 1st! CD Release show at Viper Room Lounge show tonight (Monday). Plus, check out the AOL Spinner Listening Party.

Calling all benefactors

I just put out an APB, the content of which is roughly:

The big official National release of Villain is at hand. Glowing reviews with comparisons to Elvis Costello, John Hiatt, Jeff Buckley, Damien Rice, and both Joshes Ritter and Rouse. WOW. (See the PRESS page)

A modest Viper Room Acoustic Lounge set on Monday marks the occasion.

Please allow me these two humble requests as I reach out for help.

1) Donations: My national promo campaign nears its end. If you’d like to help me out with the bill–in exchange for Shipe gifts–please click the DONATE page above.

(This is usually done by artists prior to album releases, as pre-sells. I am backwards.)

2) New SHIPE web spots are popping up, where fan reviews and comments are truly golden. Especially at Last FM which is a standard resource for music critics. Fans are shaping the Biz more than ever. So, anywhere you find a Shipe entry, please lend your layman’s touch to the content.

Thank you so much. I shall continue to work my hardest in 2011 to please and entertain.

Shipe compared to Elvis Costello!?

You know you’re doing something right when you get compared to Elvis Costello. This from Tuneraker:

“If you are hankering for mid-period Elvis Costello with a fresh lick of paint then ‘Villain’ is the album for you… his brittle voice delivers cutting asides as astutely as Costello in his prime. Yet, like Costello, he can sound vulnerable and desperate the next moment.”

(Click above for the entire review.)

Best Shipe ‘Villain’ review

Rich Quinlan from Jersey Beat is one of those critics who obviously listens to an album several times before carefully penning a review. I’m grateful, ’cause the result was a very generous piece on Villain. I got some excerpts right here:

“…you will undoubtedly fall into the velvet embrace of John Shipe’s Villain… lush collection of highly descriptive tales of love and woe… There will be undoubted debate about which effort truly stands out.
‘Love Belong to Everyone’ is a warm, luxurious effort… The bouncy ‘Another Disaster’ and wrenching “No Use Crying Over a Spilt Life” make a tremendous one-two combination… John Hiatt and Jeff Buckley fans will instantly gravitate to this, particularly the witty and intelligent lyrical play of ‘What Right Do We Have to Fall in Love?’ and the powerful piano ballad ‘Dead Kite’. …atmospherically beautiful and harmonically sensual; a rich combination of musical dexterity and lyrical erudition. This is a striking record worthy of immediate attention.”

Click here for entire review.

Thanks Rich. Means a lot coming from such a fine music writer.

European Radio is generous to Shipe

I’ve gotten some kind e-mails about Villain from DJ’s in Europe. A sampling:

“Excellent… a total winner. This is unique. Viva La Shipe!” –Lord Litter (Radio Marabu, Gemany)

“I have found my favorite Americana CD. The songs are great, with superb lyrics and melody. You don’t normally get all 3 with most.” —Lee Williams (CMR Nashville)

“… all these good songs on all these catching melodies….the Frenchie is knocked down… …high sense of quality , of integrity… It is beyond words.” –Mike Penard (ISA Radio France)