Pit Bull Blues Chords & Lyrics

I get e-mails from all over the world asking for the lyrics and/or chords to “Pit Bull Blues.” So, I thought I’d post them here. (First the lyrics, then the chords.)

Pit Bull Blues (by John Shipe)

People see me walking down the street, they all run and hide.
I used to take it personally, now I take it in stride.
I got nothing against no one, I wouldn’t hurt a fly.
But people seem to think I’m mean, and here’s why:


I’m a Pit Bull
A big brown, red-nosed pit bull.
A tooth-bearing, muscle-bound Pit Bull.
I look like I could tear the steel off a locomotive freight train.

People park three spaces when I’m waitin’ in the car.
All the kids in the neighborhood, they never walk through my yard.
There’s a rumor floating ‘round the county that I ate three cats.
But I swear from the bottom of my canine heart that I didn’t do that, no I didn’t do that.

But I’m a Pit Bull,
A tooth-bearing, muscle-bound Pit Bull.
A big brown red-nosed Pit Bull.
I looks like I could dig a hole through a concrete wall.


I got these Pit Bull Blues,
All I wanna do is sniff your shoes,
I ain’t no killer hound.
No, I’m the friendliest dog in town.

The sheer sound of my barking could break through arctic ice.
But deep down, I’m a pussy cat; I’m just trying to be nice.
In case you didn’t notice, I’m wagging my tail at the speed of light.
But no matter what I do, I’m accused of looking for a fight.

‘Cause I’m a Pit Bull,
A tooth-bearing, muscle-bound Pit Bull.
A big brown red-nosed Pit Bull.
I look like I could crush a cannonball in my jaws.

But I couldn’t do any of those things.

THE CHORDS (capo up to any key where you sing best):

Note: On the record, I didn’t play the C on the second measure in the verses, but I do now, and it sounds better that way.

Verse: G-C-G-G (4x)
Chorus: C-D-C-D-C-D-Em-C——
Bridge: C-G-C-G-Am-D-Em-C——-


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